1912 project

The scallop ski…

The scallop skirt is now complete. The cutting out went a little awry as the lines on the pattern didn’t seem to match up the further down the rows you went so a little re drawing was called for.

The trickiest bit was edging the scallop and I used a brown bias tape. Maybe I should have tacked as well as pinned but as it’s only a mock-up it looks ok. I used a cream linen blend from the skirt as it could be worn and good old fashioned curtain lining for the scallop facing. I think I could have done with whole skirt lining/facing to give it some structure. The buttons were faux horn and looked really nice and as I hate hand sewing buttons it was a real labour of love. I finished the side seams with a bound finish and sewed down the waist band facings on each seam I finished the fastening with a hook and bar. It’s a bit odd as the opening is not on the side but a little way to the back of the skirt which seems unusual for us as does the very high waist band. At the waist it measure 34 inches. I hand stitched the hem. All in all it only took a couple of hours to sew and actually looks very nice! I am struggling to get word press to upload some photos but you can see them at my other blog and on the flikr display

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